Posted by: atowhee | September 5, 2011


Twenty degrees. Freezing fog. Not a warbler within a hundred miles.  Even the Crows find it too cold.  Sould miserable?  Well, how about a couple dozen Bald Eagles in a single field, or a gang of Rough-legged Hawks stalking through the stubble?  Maybe a few hundred Tundra Swans on ice or a Prairie Falcon on the hunt.  A Northern Shrike acting like the cold is warm.  Hundreds of ducks squeezed into the unfrozen stretch of Link River where Barrow’s Goldeneye outnumber gulls, and dozens  of Black-crowned Night-herons hunch down in the bare-limbed willows.  Horned Larks scurry through the roadside grass.  Pronghorn stare at the odd bipeds staring back at them.  Black-billed Magpies coast along on long tails. Great Horned Owls snooze away the daytime cold waiting for the even colder nights to go on  the hunt.  Coyote lope along, ignoring nearby cars.  It’s the Klamath Basin in winter.  4000 feet in elevation, east of the Cascades along the Oregon-California border.  And Golden Gate Audubon is sponsoring a trip there in late February, 2012.  Bring your gloves and your life-list, and fill both.

Here’s the trip information on the GGAS website.

From the top: Prairie Falcon…Bald Eagles afield…Ferruginous Hawk…Rough-legged Hawk…pronghorn parade at Butte Valley National Grasslands.





























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