Posted by: atowhee | August 14, 2011


From Rocky Point we went to a KBO bird banding station in the riparian forest along Seven Mile Creek at the eastern foot of the Cascades.  Elevation: 4205.  This hatch-year Downy was one of the birds caught in the mist-nets there.  Note the extensive head red.

In this second picture the KBO bander is showing us the woodpecker foot, two toes opposed by two more toes.  Good for tree climbing.  Most birds have three toes opposed by a single toe, more for clutching objects–from limb to  rodent.

As the head-shot shows, the Downy’s beak is shorter than the diameter of the bird’s head.

This bird will be migrating southward soon.  Breeding season over, time for a vacation in a warmer clime.

This Song Sparrow is being measured for science and fitted with a tiny anklet in case it shows up in a mist net again.  Right after he was let go, the same young bird was found in the nearest mist-net.  Kids just don’t pay attention.

And here’s the Mac Warbler struggling just before it was freed from the mist-net.  Nets are checked frequently so birds caught are not left hanging to stress and struggle.   Once freed from net they’re keep in soft cloth bags where the dark will let them relax.  The fourth bird caught was a Junco. Processing takes a minute or less usually. They are really free to fly off, which they do.


From Seven Mile Creek we drove across the pastureland to Wood River Marsh at the northeast corner of Klamath Lake.  On the way: Osprey, both eagles, blackbirds galore, swallows swarming, a Red-tail, Black-billed Magpies.

At Wood River: Willow Flycatcher, Wood-Pewees, Yellow Warblers whispering in the willows.  Western Tanager in the shadows, Robins and Waxwings at the berries, Coot and Western Grebe, Mallard and Cinnamon Teal in the marsh, large pelicans sailing the sloughs. Song Sparrow feeding a Cowbird fledgling.

We got to share these sightings with a couple of visiting birders from Sacramento.

Then back to Rocky Point for the business end of the day while Black Tern and Green Heron went back and forth just beyond our porch perch.

Seven Mile Cabin, Klamath, US-OR. Aug 13, 2011 9:15 AM.
8 species.   Downy Woodpecker  1, Northern Flicker  1, Western Wood-Pewee  2, Tree Swallow  4, House Wren  1, MacGillivray’s Warbler  1, Song Sparrow  1, Dark-eyed Junco  3

Wood River Wetland, Klamath, US-OR. Aug 13, 2011 10:30 AM.  21 species.  Canada Goose  6, Mallard  15, Western Grebe  1, Double-crested Cormorant  2, American White Pelican  4, Great Blue Heron  1, Great Egret  1, Black-crowned Night-Heron  1, Turkey Vulture  2, American Coot  15, Ring-billed Gull  6, Belted Kingfisher  1, Northern Flicker  1, Western Wood-Pewee  2, Willow Flycatcher  1, Warbling Vireo  1, American Robin  3, Cedar Waxwing  6, Yellow Warbler  2, Western Tanager  1, Brown-headed Cowbird  1.   Klamath County, OR (mostly along Seven Mile Road and Hwy 62), US, Klamath, US-OR.  Aug 13, 2011 9:00 AM. 14 species.  Great Blue Heron, Turkey Vulture, Osprey, Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Golden Eagle, Eurasian Collared-Dove, Black-billed Magpie, Tree Swallow, Violet-green Swallow, Barn Swallow, European Starling , Red-winged Blackbird, Brewer’s Blackbird. (Bird I missed: a Cooper’s Hawk along Westside Road).

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