Posted by: atowhee | July 30, 2011


The two rodents were at the campground above the ski lodge on Mt. Ashland.

Chipmunk has facial striping, ground squirrels (around here) don’t.



























This deer was walking along the street in front of our house.








And here’s the ground squirrel’s back.  This one posed on a wood pile at Howard Prairie Resort.  Around home we see too many gray squirrels daily as they feist with jays and others from the bird food, which they instantly recognize as reward for being squirrelly.  And one evening recently my wife and daughter saw a ringtail just down the road.  That shy cousin of the raccoon is just at the northern limit of its range here in the Siskiyous.  We rarely see the local common gray fox, but he leaves his pungent calling card whenever he finds a morsel that suits his eclectic taste.  And the Townsend’s mole has not shown himself again but his little dirt mounds attest to his assiduous tunneling.  The mole’s a true fan of infrastructure.  We should elect him to Congress.

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