Posted by: atowhee | July 21, 2011


My wife spends considerable time at an Ashland house ranch where a family steed resides.  And in that barn, along with several horses, is a family of Barn Swallows being true to their name.  And over the past two weeks, we;ve gotten some photos of the progression from alomost-inert gaping mouths to three fledglings on a wire.


This first photo was taken around July 6.  Two small heads with their reflective eyes peering over the edge of the mud cup.









This second picture was taken on the 15th.  Getting ready to launch.




And the final picture was July 18th: three newly minted Barn Swallows, ready to swallow their share of the aerial insects which are in plentitude at a horse barn.













  1. Just a suggestion—trim the hanging horse hair before the babies fledge. I read a couple of years ago that they can get tangled up in it on those first flights. I mentioned it to a friend last year and before she did it, one of the baby Barn Swallows hung itself on it’s first venture out of the nest. Very sad and preventable.

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