Posted by: atowhee | July 4, 2011


It was Independence Day for Americans, and for a family of Bullock’s Orioles at the Ashland Dog Park. Their young fledged today amid constant chatter and fluttering about the bushes in the island at the middle of the parking lot.  There were many other family matters to check on today.

Here’s one of the adults on sentry duty.  That dark band at the top of the chest shows the under-feathers as the outer layer is ruffled by the wind.

The female kingbird does all the incubation but then both adults are on duty after hatchlings appear.  Food and fecal sacks to carry, sentry duty in daytime.  The hatchlings will be in the nest about two weeks before fledging and then taking flight.


































The Violet-green Swallow young may be getting very close to leaving their snug nest.  It must certainly be getting close in there.  The adults cleverly placed the nest on the shaded north side of the bakery wall so there’s no heat problem though temps were in the high 80s today.




This is hanging out, swallow-style.







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