Posted by: atowhee | June 19, 2011


All four young Dippers have now left the nest beneath the Water Street Bridge in Ashland.  Eric Setterberg sent me these two pictures he took there this morning:




This bold young Dipper was already down at stream level, on a rock just like the adult Dippers.  But not yet swimming.  This they are taught by their parents.






These two more cuatious Dipperlings were just onthe cement ledge not far from the nest in late morning.  When i checked in just before 4pm, only one was still on that ledge and another on a rock beneath the bridge.  The other two were further adrift and I didn’t have time to find them.  Now the parents have four scattered young’uns to feed for a few days as the new ones learn to swim and fend for themselves.

It’s one small set of steps for a Dipper, big step for Dipperkind.

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