Posted by: atowhee | June 9, 2011


19 birders from Jackson and Josephine Counties made the drive across Oregon to Malheur today.  Blue skies, mild warmth, bright sun, puffy white clouds.  Perfect birding weather so we had great looks at the Big Three: Red-tailed, Swainson’s and Ferruginous Hawks.  There were nesting Osprey at Klamath and Collier State Park.  Some of our group got a look at the scarce Moorhen at Klamath Marsh.  And the owl tree south of Burns yielded both an adult and nearly full-sized juvie Great Horned.  Over 80 species seen by at least some of the birders on the trip, including Common Nighthawk feeding outside our dorm at dinner time.  We managed the hard-to-find sparrows as well: Vesper, Brewer’s and Sage.

In eastern Klamath County we had both White-headed Woodpecker and Clark’s Nutcracker.  East of Christmas Valley a pair of Sage Thrasher gave us a show and the Sage Sparrow was along the road north from Slver Lake to the west end of Christmas Valley.




















This is my best-ever pronghorn shot, these two were right inside the fence next to the road and I got this shot through an open car window.  Very handsome.  Their snowy white butts show brightly across even a half mile of sage brush or green alfalfa.  This was in Christmas Valley.

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