Posted by: atowhee | June 7, 2011


Immature Bald Eagle on utility pole south of Fort Klamath.

Pair of Eared Grebe in Breeding plumage at Moore Park, Klamath Falls.

Ths was one of many Siskins at feeders, 4600′ elevation.  Yet I have Siskins at my feeder as well, 2000′ elevation. In fact there was a fledgling teetering around our garden today.


Remember the old “Seasame Street” jingle about which one doesn’t belong?

Well, this Great Egret made great efforts to look like one of the gang.  This animated snowdrift was on mudflats on California side of Stateline Road in the Klamath Basin.  These pictures were all taken during a three-day birding trip through the Siskiyous and Cascades for members of Golden Gate Audubon.

We saw a total of 115 species in three days, and then one more on an extension trip to Burney Falls: Evening Grosbeak.


  1. Can anyone tell me why the birds all left? I was going through 30 lbs. of bird seed per week. Now nothing.

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