Posted by: atowhee | June 5, 2011


My visiting birders from the Bay Area are finishing a three day sprint through the mountains of Jackson and Klamath Counties.  And we ended today with something really creepy.  A Brown Creeper in the pines at Lily Glen Horse Camp on Howard Prairie Lake.

We also enjoyed numerous pairs of courting Clark’s and Western Grebes on Klamath Lake, plus their well-dressed little cousins:

And then along Stateline Road in CA, we found these geese, who should not really still be here in June:

Altogether we posted 115 species, getting Williamson’s Sapsucker but missing Pileated, White-headed Woodpecker, Vaux’s Swift,  Cassin’s Vireo, Rufous Hummy and Nashville Warbler.  Yet we had MacGillivray’s all three days and twenty Bald Eagles today, most southeast of Dorris, CA.  We also had Ferruginous and Swainson’s in that area.  We found a large flock of Tricolored Blackbirds among the cattle on the south side of Stateline Hwy about two hundred yards east of US 97 and then south on the dirt raod that skirts  a large farm pond and pasture just inside CA.

The Williamson’s Sapsucker was at the widlife viewing pull-off along the west shore of Hyatt Lake, near the Cormorant nest tree.  BTW the former Osprey nest tree has lots its top and thus its nesting Osprey who seemed to have moved westward into the forest to nest.

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