Posted by: atowhee | May 4, 2011


The Juncos and a Golden-crowned Sparrow are still in the brush.  Such is the lingering chill of winter. But Bullock’s Orioles and Black-headed Grosbeak now display their bright tropical hues and sing their songs from treetops.  A pair of Bushtits have their nest right nest to the trail.  And a mother Wood Duck cruises the pond with her fourteen tiny new ducklings.  Thus winter overlaps with summer as spring happens at Ashland Pond.

There are no wintering ducks left, no Great Egret (now back down in California).  Most of the trees are leafing out. The Wilson’s Warblers are almost as abundant as the lingering Yellow-rumps.  The Waxwings are on their way north.  Swallows and swifts swirl in the sky, but no flycatchers have arrived from the tropics…yet.

Female Bullock’s Oriole with threads that will go into her woven sack nest.

Lincoln’s Sparrow waiting in lowlands until the mountain snows melt.

Momma Wood Duck with her fourteen new hatchlings.  Hope she can keep them from the heron and river otter.

Bushtit nest, about tenb inches long.  Very big for a very small bird, Oregon’s smallest songbird.

Location:     Ashland Pond
Observation date:     5/4/11
Notes:     Wood Duck has 14 ducklings.  Bushtits have nest near trail.
Number of species:     31

Canada Goose     X
Wood Duck     X
California Quail     X
Turkey Vulture     X
Acorn Woodpecker     X
Downy Woodpecker     X  Vaux’s Swift
Western Scrub-Jay     X
Common Raven     X
Tree Swallow     X
Violet-green Swallow     X
Barn Swallow     X
Black-capped Chickadee     X
Bushtit     X
Bewick’s Wren     X            Cedar Waxwing
Hermit Thrush     X
American Robin     X
European Starling     X
Orange-crowned Warbler     X
Yellow-rumped Warbler     X
Wilson’s Warbler     X
Spotted Towhee     X
Song Sparrow     X
Lincoln’s Sparrow     X
Golden-crowned Sparrow     X
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)     X
Black-headed Grosbeak     X
Red-winged Blackbird     X
Bullock’s Oriole     X
House Finch     X
Lesser Goldfinch     X
House Sparrow     X

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