Posted by: atowhee | April 30, 2011


Tomorrow is May Day, but today April ended with nothing revolutionary.  Just the usual flow of natural images all around Pt. Reyes.

Note how the Acorn Woodpecker uses his tail as a brace, almost a third leg, perhaps a peg-leg.

Even the jackrabbits are tame-ish here.  No hunting allowed, except by natural predators with fur or feathers.

An Aplomado at a falconer’s demo at the Bird Festival.  What a bird.  But my romantic connection is still with the Merlin, his cousin.

That’s a Pigeon Guillemot powering past on his little pointed wings, beating about as fast as a hummingbird’s heart.  Tomales Bay.

Feeding frenzy in Tomales Bay: Pelagic Cormorants and Western Gulls.  We did see one long-lost Mew Gull today as well.

Not your pasty pale wintering Sanderlings, this little flock was already well on their way to breeding plumage gravy-brown backs.


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