Posted by: atowhee | April 29, 2011


Right outside the house where I’m staying in Pt. Reyes Station, this elusive littler critter was calling, then came down for a closer look when I answered him.

Not only is this small vireo hard to find, he;s harder to see.  And he sometimes almost looks like a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  But he moves much more slowly and has a heavy beak and a broken eyering. HIs namesake, Lt. Hutton, may be even more elusive.  We know that he was a soldier in California before the Civil War where he must have collected the first known specimen of this species.  Little else can be said with certainty.

The Hutton’s Vireo is a frequent victim of the Brown-headed Cowbird which has diminshed the bird;s presence in its already very limited Pacific Coast range.

This is one of two Osprey hunting over Tomales Bay at Millerton Point while I ate my picnic lunch.

This Wrentit is one of several who call from the ceanothus and willow thicket just beyond the yard of Julia’s house where I’m staying for the PR Bird Fest.

Literally on that fence: a male Allen’s Hummer.  Shunning me.


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  2. Thrilling to see these photographs — and to read description of such a wonderful day!!!

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