Posted by: atowhee | April 28, 2011


I drove Interstate-5 from Ashland to the San Francisco Bay Area today.  Along the way, in grasslands, there were the usual California ground squirrels perched on fence-posts or hanging in woven wire fences.  But I got some shots of couple more elusive mammals, and some deer about as tame as the ones in Ashland.  The deer were browsing along the edge of my favorite Siskiyou County farm pond.  It’s a couple miles south of Yreka, just west of I-5.

This marmot was atop his manmade mountain just east of the Weed International Airport and Rest Stop along Edgewood Road.

Did he really imagine he was hiding?  The jackrabbits were just outside the visitors centers at Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge.


  1. I have no words to say how excited I am to find your post referencing the “usual qround squirrels hanging from woven wire fences”. MANY years ago I saw this while driving through Yreka in the middle of summer and NO ONE believed me. At every gathering I have, this comes up and I am teased relentlessly. Last night, one of my friends who had never heard the story, vowed to find the answer and here you are…a Christmas miracle! 🙂 I would give everything I own for a picture of ground squirrles hanging on a fence. Do you have such a photo?! I have even gone so far as to call the US Forestry Dept in Yreka (also acted like I was crazy) and stopped at various gas stations and business to as (again, crazy).

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