Posted by: atowhee | March 12, 2011


Spring birdsongs are beginning to fill the air.  Flicker.  Purple Finch.  Lesser Goldfinch.  And today, all around Agate Lake, one of my favorites.  The prairie symphonette of the Western Meadowlark.  This time of year they will actually rise out of the grass and perch where they can be easily seen…and clearly heard.  It was a bird walk for Klamath Bird Observatory supporters, and we had over 3o0 species despite some rain and cold.










Little swirls of Savannah Sparrows could be seen along the roads and trails.  Nervous but not shy, often in motion but never fleeing the scene, I finally got one almost recognizable shot.





















Among the dozens of Tree Swallows we were able to pick out a handful of Violet-greens.  At the end of the trip we drove beneath a lone Turkey Vulture and one side road had a Golden Eagle on top of a utility pole.  The Kestrels were visibly busy with hunting.  At different times Red-tailed Hawks and a Canada Goose occupied the Osprey nest platform east of the lake.  En route to the trip there was an Osprey on a pole next to I-5 Exit 27 in south Medford.  That’s my FOS Osprey.  The VG Swallows were also FOS.

BEST BIRD(S) OF THE DAY: Not one, but two, Say’s  Phoebe on the east side of the lake.  It might have been a pair as they stayed fairly close together, unusual for any un-mated flycatchers hereabouts.  Even if they are mated it is unlikely they will try to nest here but will migrate further east or northeast.







One of the resident Acorn Woodpeckers.

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