Posted by: atowhee | February 20, 2011

Graupel Sunday

Here are three Common Mergansers seen through the lines of falling graupel. They were in the swimming reservoir in Lithia Park this morning.


One of 4 Varied Thrush in our garden today…they came early and stayed late, the last birds we saw as the daylight faded.

The local gray squirrels are nuts about peanuts, of course.  This one likes to eat on the porch railing just outside the cat’s window perch so as to add an extra fillip of excitement to his dining … and torture the cat as well.  Unlike the clean jays who carry their nuts away with them squirrels will eat on the porch leaving mounds of peanut husks for me to compost.

If I thought the cat wouldn’t get suicidal I would stop the morning peanut madness to see if some of the squirrels would go off and earn an honest living.  But there’s little less amenable to civilized living than a mournful cat.  Bad enough that Congress appears to be headed toward stopping all social security checks, adding to that a depressed cat would be unbearable.  So, peanut addicts, let the good times roll.

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