Posted by: atowhee | January 31, 2011


After three days of wintertime birding along the Marin County Coast in Northern California, you gotta come away with some pictures.  And I had help from Bob Chilvers on Sunday.  Here are his select shots:

Common Loon uncommonly close and bold.

Western Bluebird at Bear Valley Visitors Center in the early morning rain.

Band-tailed Pigeons on a lofty perch.

Double-crested Cormorant drying out.  Pale chest means this is a young bird. Some of the many scoters in the background.

This is Cypress Grove, an Audubon preserve just north of Marshall on Tomales Bay’s east shore.  It all looks idyllic, right?  remember that Tomales Bay lies directly on the rift zone between two tectonic plates and it thus a center for rather large earthquakes, like the one in 1906 which was centered just several miles south of this very spot.

My thanks to Bob for sharing these six shots. MORE FROM MARIN WEEKEND

Eared Grebe.

Marbled Godwit pair on shore of Bolinas Lagoon.

Whimbrel, most of these birds pass through Bay Area on their way further south.  There were a few who’d stopped at Bolinas for the winter.





  1. Good stuff. Thanks again for sharing.

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