Posted by: atowhee | January 22, 2011

What Some of Our Local Birds Really Look Like

I take snapshots of birds when I get the chance.  My friend, Dan Elster, is a professional and when he captures an image of a bird….  Well, judge for yourself:

I especially like these two jay portraits.  I see these birds every day.  This is the peanut-craving-crowd that is in our garden daily.  I see them all the time, but through Dan’s fine lens work, we can now all reallllly SEE these common birds.

























These pronghorn could have been painted by Monet, but instead were fog shrouded apparitions when Dan and I birded in Butte Valley Grasslands, CA.  And now far off in Lower Klamath Wildlife Refuge, we spotted this guy trying to find a meal on the ice.































Young Red-tail in the Klamath.

Another of Dan’s pictures of our Pygmy-Owl along Dead Indian Road a couple weeks back.










Dan’s best work can be enjoyed and purchased from his website, click here. I thank Dan for sharing these jpeg files with us.


  1. One really Kick Ass blog. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Also, my new website is Not maintaining the other one and all my albums have moved. Thanks again, LOVE your work.

  2. Beautiful, tack-sharp pix! My compliments to Dan. Bet he used a tripod, 300mm+ lens and a full frame 35mm digital camera.

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