Posted by: atowhee | December 7, 2010

Into Shoebills With Both Feet

My birding friend, Lang Stevenson, has a collection of trading cards of birds with unusual beaks.  One of those cards is certainly depicting the mighty Shoebill.  But better than a single card: a Shoebill Extravaganza.  Feast your eyes on this:

The face-on stare brings to mind this twisted scrap of poetry “Beak to me only with thine eyes.”

For a second time, here’s my one and only yawn image.  Think how boring and tiresome it must be to stand along a swampy channel in the tropical sun waiting for some fish to drift past and unwittingly volunteer for lunch.

I know, he makes me think of a gray muppet cousin of “Sesame Street’s” Big Bird.   Who would design such a creature as this?

Here’s my earlier Shoebill of goods, with some taxonomic info.

There now I’ve paid my shoe-bill in full.  Hope you’re happy, Lang.


  1. Big Bird’s cousin? Hilarious!

  2. […] Beauteous?  Elegant?  Stately?  Quirky?  Some birds, you just have to see to believe.  That was certainly true of the majestic, sedate Shoebill in Uganda.   And seeing, and believing, can be just as enthralling much close to home.  Here are some seen […]

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