Posted by: atowhee | November 6, 2010


November, Ashland, Oregon.

Birds change their plumage, nature her foliage.  Tis the season.

Jays in crape myrtle.

















































































After two Presidential Bushes and an unending series of invasions of Muslim countries, the catch-phrase “boots on the ground” is a measure of how militarized our American political parlance has become.  You hear it now referring to almost anything that requires a staff.  Usually it carries the implication that you can’t always push a button and vaporize the enemy.  Surely it also silently bemoans the fact that we cannot make real life just another video game.

For those of us with more pacifist inclinations, I propose a parallel phrase: “leaves on the ground.”


  1. Beautiful pics and the message is apropos. Thanks.

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