Posted by: atowhee | October 28, 2010


Wild Turkey are not, well…you know, “turkeys.”  How that word became synonymous with “loser” or “bozo,” I do not know.  It does linguistic disservice to the actual, living turkeys.

I just realized you cannot spell “synonymous” with the standard assortment of Scrabble letter tiles unless you have one of the blanks!  And, it’s a word that never gets texted by thumb-typers, right?

Anyway, my birder friend, Mary Ann Santee, sent me this photo from her own garden.  It shows turkey at work plucking weeds and feeding on any goodies lying about.  Especially that bowl of food, I see in the image.  And it shows the trepid [dictionary says ‘tredpidatious” is a non-word!] squirrel hovering behind cover, hoping the turkey will leave.  Turkeys rule!













And thanks to Ms Santee for sharing her photographic evidence of Darwinian competition in action.

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