Posted by: atowhee | October 14, 2010


The fall colors have arrived.  Ruby.  Gold.  Gray and brown.

The first Ruby-crowned Kinglets of the season came through our garden this week.  So too the first very rich brown and dark gray streaked Song Sparrow from far to the northwest of Ashland.  His dark hues match those shaded, damp forest from whence he came.  And our first Golden-crowned Sparrow arrived just today.  He alone is clever enough to clean the birdseed off the top of the squirrel baffles.

The Oregon Juncos are down from the highland, bringing their black and charcoal and shades of gray and those snowy white tail feathers.  Now that they’ve arrived, they’ll be the most numerous bird in our garden on most days.  Finally they will outnumber the Steller’s Jays who hold court every day, discussing the menu, belittling my meager efforts to give them more peanuts than they can cache.

The richest red of all, so far, was a Red-breasted Sapsucker I saw down at Ashland Pond yesterday.  Any maple or dogwood would be pressed to match that rich scarlet.

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