Posted by: atowhee | August 17, 2010

Some More London Birds

First picture: male Common Pochard.  Next: Egyptian geese.  Now introduced in many parts of northern Europe.

I haven’t spent much time birding so far, but have collected about forty species sightings so far.  Best spot has been regents Park with its waterfowl-rich lake.  I was there in the evening after most songbirds had gone t0 bed.   The Black-headed Gull is about the size of a Bonaparte’s.  They are in post-breeding-plumage now with only dark smudges on their cheeks.  

   Female Tufted Duck with duckling.      


Bottom two pictures fron Dulwich Park: a very tame Great Tit and close-up of Wood-Pigeon.   

The Great-crested Grebe is one of Europe morer spectacular species nad can be readily seen in Regents park.  I have not gotten a picturer yet.    Imagine a cross between Red-necked and Western Grebes with very fancy horns.                                                                   

Location:     Regents Park Boating Lake
Observation date:     8/15/10
Notes:     Numerous exotic waterfowl seen, part of the exotic bird collection in the park, including Chiloe Teal and Red-crested Pochard
Number of species:     20

Graylag Goose (European)     26
Canada Goose     80
Mute Swan     1
Egyptian Goose     16
Common Shelduck     4
Mallard     120
Common Pochard     40
Tufted Duck     15
Ruddy Duck     1
Great Crested Grebe     3
Great Cormorant     3
Gray Heron     2
Common Moorhen     4
Eurasian Coot     40
Black-headed Gull     35
Herring Gull (European)     8
Great Black-backed Gull     3
Common Wood-Pigeon     460
Common Swift     6
Carrion Crow     30

Location:     Dulwich Park
Observation date:     8/16/10
Number of species:     15

Canada Goose     45
Mallard     20
Common Moorhen     1
Eurasian Coot     8
Rock Pigeon     15
Common Wood-Pigeon     8
Eurasian Magpie     2
Carrion Crow     16
Great Tit     4
Eurasian Blue Tit     1
Long-tailed Tit     1
Eurasian Nuthatch     1
Winter Wren (Eurasian)     2
European Robin     2
Eurasian Blackbird     4

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