Posted by: atowhee | July 29, 2010

Late Bloomers

This is the Oregon grape, state flower and producer of ample berry crops in mid-summer.  They bloom at the end of spring when the ground and air are still moist.  The berries may explain the plentiful quantity of purple poop left in our garden by the Band-tailed Pigeons.  The only blooming plants now in our area are weeds or garden plants.  The natives bloom and fruit early, beating the annual summer drought.

In the wild chicory, Queen Ann’s lace, Himalayan blackberry, sweet pea are in bloom.  In gardens you see lavendar, crepe myrtle, erigeron, late dogwoods and magnolia in bloom.  Meanwhile, as I blogged earlier, the madrone is shedding its older leaves, spring’s bold saplings are now struggling for enough moisture to make it to fall, most nesting birds are about finished with raising their final brood for the season.  Late summer molt is underway for many species.  Steller’s Jays daily drop their bright wing and tail feathers in our garden.

chicory’s blue blooms

Queen Ann’s lace

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