Posted by: atowhee | July 22, 2010

Robin Nest Robbin’ ?

There’s a Robin nest not far from our bedroom window, low in a large black oak.  There are evidently two nestlings.

My wife and I were working nearby and could hear the young Robins chirping for food service.  Often one adult Robin was on the ground or nearby in plain view.  Sometimes an adult would be at the nest.

Up the hill a short way we heard a young Cooper’s Hawk calling.  What I suspect was an adult hawk had flown away just as we walked out of the house near the Robin’s nest.  Was the adult hoping to give a lesson in nest robbing to the fledgling hawk?  If so, we may have saved the young Robins and spoiled the Cooper’s Hawk’s morning.  Hours later the Robin chicks are still in the nest, the hawks not to be seen…or heard.

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