Posted by: atowhee | July 21, 2010

This Deer Ranching Is So Simple

Are you found of fawn?  Such a fine word, “Fawn.”

Here we have fawn on lawn.  I watched but saw no fawn yawn.  When one speckled deerlet walked away, it was fawn be gone.

On the young: perfect ears.  On the doe: ear blight.

Note the doe’s ears. Do deer’s ears suffer from fungal rot in wet weather?  We once had a cat whose ears shredded thus when said cat got itself trapped in a walled garden one winter and wasn’t rescued for four weeks.  Ends of its ears just fungaled off.

Even without complete ears momma is raising two healthy fawns into full deerhood.  No hunters, no predators, plenty of food here in Ashland.  This deer herd expansion is proving to be very easy even for a rookie deer rancher like me.  Especially since most neighbors don’t bother to fence their deer graze and then they insist on watering during the dry season.

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