Posted by: atowhee | June 16, 2010

Louise Won’s Winners

Louise Won and May Woon spent three days birding the Ashland and Klamath area with me earlier this month.  Then they spent another morning birding with John Bullock here in town.  Some of it watching the BT Pigeons gorge themselves in our backyard.  As I write this two dozen of the big birds, including recent fledglings, flutter and bluff their way onto over-crowded feeders in our garden.  There’ll be no seeds left when they’ve left.

Here are some of Louise’s great images captured by carrying around a huge lens with a camera attached.

This is especially fine because this bird rarely stops skulking and hiding in low brush.  Here he is momentarily aloft and in view.  Good shot.

Juvenile Bald Eagle perched, and in flight over Eagle Ridge (nice name) on the west shore of Klamath Lake.

Calliope Hummingbird along Tolman Creek Road.  The smallest bird found in North America.  Less than 3.5 inches long.  “Intensity” is his middle name.

Bullock’s Oriole at Rocky Point, Klamath Lake.


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