Posted by: atowhee | June 5, 2010

A Tail Tale

This Green-tailed Towhee has those eyebrows like the Sage Sparrow and Andy Rooney.  He’s got a melodious song like a Lark Sparrow.  But he shares the rotundity of the towhee [Pipilo] clan, for sure.  He eschews the heavy air of low elevations, even during migration much of the time.  Saw one near sea level in San Francisco once over more than a decade of intense birding there.  Hereabouts he and his kind are to found in the brushy openings above 4000′. Like most members of the American sparrow family he’s most at home low in the brush or on the ground.  There GTT forages for seeds and insects.  It ranges as far east as the Rockies and winters along the southern border of the U.S. and into Mexico.

Among our sparrows he has that uniquely bright green tail.

This bird was in a brushy hillside about one half along Conde Creek Road from Dead Indian Memorial Road on the western slope of the Cascades.


  1. Great pics. No wonder you like the Towhee. Once again thanks for sharing your great blogs. Kick Ass.

  2. What a beautiful bird! Good to see what I’m missing by leaving for the summer.

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