Posted by: atowhee | June 3, 2010

Malheur Mammals

The five-day trip mammal list included:

Golden-mantled ground squirrel in Cascades.

Belding’s ground squirrel in the drylands, esp. Malheur’s sage steppe.


Pygmy rabbit at Malheur Visitors Center.

Desert cottontail.

California ground squirrel.

Douglas squirrel at Collier State Park on the Williamson River.

Muskrat on Benson Pond, Malheur.

Pronghorn in various sagebrush areas.

Wild horses west of Bend.

Golden-bellied Marmot.

Likely gray fox in forest east of Klamath Marsh.

Mule deer.

Sagebrush vole near Benson Pond, Malheur.

Least chipmunk next to sticks about one inch in diameter. Smallest chipmunk in America.

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