Posted by: atowhee | May 26, 2010

We’ve Lost Another One

Another endangered island bird species has apparently passed into oblivion.

It is likely that global warming, competition from introuduced species and human encroachment will push several more island species into extinction in the near future.  Our own Hawaiian Island lead the league in endangered species, over 100. That high number is due partly to the fact that at least in the U.S. some people are paying attention.

Exotics, introduced predators, human activity, agriculture, pollution–all take a heavy toll on creatures or plants with a limited range and low tolerance for change.  There are already 28 known bird extinction in Hawaii.  The most recent officially recognized was in 1988.

There are 32 bird species in Hawaii that are considered endangered.  The alala, or Hawaiian Crow, is already living only in a captive population.  Some, like Nene, have been brought back from the edge and are recovering.

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