Posted by: atowhee | April 26, 2010

Happy Bird-day, Everyone!

It is J.J. Audubon’s birthday.  He was born on Hispaniola in 1785, this day in history.  A brief Audubon bio here. Some info I’ve compiled on his habit of naming birds after his friends, like Bewick and MacGillivray. And more here.

I celebrated this great day in the history American ornithology by driving from Point Reyes to my home in Ashland, Oregon.  Along the way I ran into some other bird-day celebrants.

This Western Kingbird was hunting along the irrigation ponds that border the Maxwell Rest Stop on I-5.  This can be a good birding spot anytinme from April through September.  The mustard is also a resident species there.

This wired Western Kingbird was along 4 Mile Road on the western edge of the Delevan NWR, a few miles east of I-5 in Colusa County.  Just down the road, a pond full of Ibis.

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