Posted by: atowhee | April 10, 2010

Greenway Goodies

Over a dozen birders showed up in the cold, cloudy morning hours for an OLLI birding class walk.  We began at the Ashland Dog Park, the north end of the Bear Creek Greenway.  Before we c ould get out of the parking lot there were a few Orange-crowned Warblers feeding in the shrubs there.  They were the first I’ve seen here this season, newly arrived from further south. GC and WC Sparrows.  Tree Swallows above the trees.  Red-winged Blackbirds singing in the old sewer ponds.  But the headline for the day: THREE DOZEN EVENING GROSBEAKS VISIT DOG PARK BRIEFLY.  We got good looks as they were in the top of a leafless oak tree before departing to parts unknown, as always.  They were the first Evening Grosbeaks I’d seen this year.  Our most colorful member of the finch family here in Oregon, and highly unpredictable.

I did not get any pictures today.  These five were on my feeders in May, 2008, along with a couple dozen cousins.

Downy Woodpecker in Aspens along the Greenway.


From the Greenway we drove round to Ashland Pond.  Purple Finches were singing, Lesser Goldfinch as well.  Tge Song Sparrows have all “disappeared” hiding along with their secreted nests.  On the path next to the pond: at least two Lincoln’s Sparrows.  More Orange-crowned Warblers, and a couple of Common Yellowthroats that finally allowed us clear views.  The yellow-rumps were jumping.  All the insect eaters were ravenous.  A cold night, many more furlongs to fly during this time of migration.  The density of Ruby-crowned Kinglets is only seen during this season.  Other times of the year they are more widely space, not being the most tolerant of territorial sharing.

Male ducks: Shoveler (left) and Ring-necked.  Ashland Pond.  These ducks will fly out soon.  So will the pair of Hooded Mergansers still on the pond.

Acorn Woodpecker up top.


Location:     Bear Creek Greenway–Ashland
Observation date:     4/10/10
Notes:     First Evening Grosbeaks I’ve seen this year.
Number of species:     34

Canada Goose     4
Mallard     10
Turkey Vulture     5
Ferruginous Hawk     1
American Kestrel     1
Ring-billed Gull     3
Rock Pigeon     6
Mourning Dove     2
Belted Kingfisher     1
Acorn Woodpecker     1
Downy Woodpecker     1
Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)     2
Western Scrub-Jay     2
American Crow     8
Tree Swallow     60
Northern Rough-winged Swallow     1
Barn Swallow     2
Black-capped Chickadee     3
Bushtit     1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     3
American Robin     5
European Starling     35
Orange-crowned Warbler     6
Yellow-rumped Warbler     10
Spotted Towhee     2
Song Sparrow     1
White-crowned Sparrow     3
Golden-crowned Sparrow     5
Red-winged Blackbird     6
Brewer’s Blackbird     4
House Finch     4
Lesser Goldfinch     12
Evening Grosbeak     35
House Sparrow     3

Location:     Ashland Pond
Observation date:     4/10/10
Number of species:     31

Canada Goose     4
Wood Duck     2
Mallard     8
Northern Shoveler     2
Ring-necked Duck     4
Hooded Merganser     2
Turkey Vulture     8
Sharp-shinned Hawk     1
Mourning Dove     1
Acorn Woodpecker     2
Northern Flicker (Red-shafted)     2
Western Scrub-Jay     4
American Crow     4
Common Raven     1
Tree Swallow     30
Barn Swallow     1
Black-capped Chickadee     2
White-breasted Nuthatch     1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     10
American Robin     50
European Starling     4
Orange-crowned Warbler     8
Yellow-rumped Warbler     15
Common Yellowthroat     4
Spotted Towhee     2
Lincoln’s Sparrow     2
White-crowned Sparrow     6
Golden-crowned Sparrow     15
Red-winged Blackbird     16
Purple Finch     2
Lesser Goldfinch     10

Total species for the day: 44.  Missed: Wrentit, Bewick’s Wren, White-throated Sparrow.

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