Posted by: atowhee | March 30, 2010

The Morel of the Story

This is a small cluster of morels now growing in our garden.  Yes, those morels that can cost dozens of dollars per pound at any chi-chi grocery.  Wild morels drive mushroomers wild.  And we got ’em as part of the benefits of putting fresh bark mulch on our newly planted garden.  Our local wild mushroom peddler at the growers’ market tells me they are not likely to recur next year.  So, pick and enjoy.

As soon as I showed him one he surmised that we had spread new mulch on our garden and the mushroom spores sprouted there.  He said even deer can spread the common, airborne spores of the morels which thrive in the evergreen forests hereabouts.

It appears we have two morel species:  Morchella elata (black morel) and Morchella esculenta (yellow morel).

You can click here for more on morels.


  1. oh my gosh, that is fantastic!!! My parents used to drive 300 miles to the mouth of the Mississippi river whenever they heard from their morel connection down there. I grew up thinking, make that knowing – that morels were the most prized and tasty treat in the whole world! Once a friend gave me two of them, and I was so delighted, I couldnt bring myself to eat them. They just hung there in the pretty little leather pouch I put them in for years and years. If I had some now, I would eat them tho, believe me. Congratulations on your good fortune! Julia

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