Posted by: atowhee | March 11, 2010

Hawaiian Looker

Two photos of the Brazilian Cardinals, so common in many lowland areas of Hawaii.  The bird is a transplant from South America.  Sadly, very few of the birds you are likely to see in Hawaii are natives.  The Apapane is one of the few small and native songbirds that have thrived through the many severe changes in the Hawaiian habitat over the past 200 years.


The Alala, Hawaiian Corvid, is no longer living in the wild.  Some years ago, my wife and I saw exactly fifty percent of the wild population at that time.  Within a couple years the two birds we saw and the other two wild Alala were gone, forever.  The Alala is victimized by other endangered birds, like the Io (basically a Red-shouldered Hawk) as well as toxoplasmosis from eating cat feces left by feral cats which are rampant.  Hand-raised Alala are not trained by their parents to watch out for the hawks, and the task of preventing them from eating cat leavings seems almost hopeless.

More information here.

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