Posted by: atowhee | March 10, 2010

Drill, Baby, Drill

This Downy was drilling his nest hole in a dead willow at the north end of Ashland Pond.  Here’s the tree, more evidence of the importance of leaving dead trees standing, or leaning, in the woods.

There was also a large flock of migrating swallows moving north.  Mostly Tree with a nice smattering of Violet-Greens.  Can spring be far behind?  Should I ignore the snow in our garden overnight?

Location:     Ashland Pond
Observation date:     3/10/10
Number of species:     26

Canada Goose     4
Wood Duck     2
American Wigeon     2
Mallard     5
Ring-necked Duck     4
Turkey Vulture     1
Cooper’s Hawk     1
Red-tailed Hawk     1
Acorn Woodpecker     1
Downy Woodpecker     1
Western Scrub-Jay     3
American Crow     1
Common Raven     2
Tree Swallow     120
Violet-green Swallow     15
Black-capped Chickadee     1
White-breasted Nuthatch     1
Yellow-rumped Warbler     10
Spotted Towhee     1
Song Sparrow     3
Golden-crowned Sparrow     12
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon)     3
Red-winged Blackbird     4
Purple Finch     1
Pine Siskin     24
Lesser Goldfinch     10

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