Posted by: atowhee | October 27, 2009

Birds around Ashland

Wigeon now fill Ashland Pond.  Still over forty of them there this morning.  And a lone male Gadwall plus the cluster of Mallards.  Waxwings flew over.  One tight flock of hungry Yellow-rumped Warblers.

The Wild Turkeys are in our garden every day now, like the black near who poops on the path and tears down the feeders if I forget to bring them in before dark.  At least the turkeys, so far, are politely refraining from clawing the earth.  They go about eating all the grain and seeds on the ground. Fine.

Winter birds in our garden now: one Song Sparrow, one Fox Sparrow, a half dozen Juncos, the continuing Mountain Chickadee.  Did not see a Band-tailed Pigeon today but they were about before this recent rain.

In Lithia Park yesterday, a Dipper just downstream from the Park Dept. offices.  And a nearly tame Hermit Thrush near the children’s playground.HEth CLOSEUP

Bear Poop in gardenGrin and bear it…here’s his scat left as a calling card, just a few yards from our porch.


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