Posted by: atowhee | October 4, 2009

Autumn Gallery

It’s gotten cold here in Ashland th epast two days.  Cold and rainy.  The chickadees are at the sunflower seeds and suet feeder all day long.  Maintaining their calorie count.  The lone Mountain Chickadee flies frequent soprties among the smaller Black-caps.  Their constant scolding and chatter is almost as pervasive the Steller’s Jays comments on my presence or slothful method of dispensing their beloved nuts and seeds.IMG_0096

Banging away at a nut.











IMG_0089Screech-Owl down the street.  Is he tilted over to let the rainrun off?




IMG_0085Bridget and I sometimes draw admirers when we bird along the Bear Creek Greenway.




wcsp--SFWhite-crowned Sparrow, adult in Alamo Plaza, San Francisco.





bluebird at Ide AdobeWestern Bluebird male at Ide Adobe State Park, Red Bluff.





IMG_0045Male Brewer’s Blackbird.





IBIS AND SB DOWTow Whigte-faced Ibis and two Long-billed Dowitcher in Lower Klamath Reserve, just inside Oregon along Stateline Road.  Below: two great Cooper’s Hawk shots in San Francisco by my friend Tom Duane, who’s got some great art for you to see. 

Coopers Hawk1--td









coopers hawk3--td

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