Posted by: atowhee | September 3, 2009

Howard Prairie by canoe: SOME MORE of the gallery

Here are some more of the birds John Bullock and I saw from his canoe on Wednesday morning, plus a couple we saw on land.WhPel--gang of four  White Pelicans, gang of four.  The only ones we saw on the reservoir.  They let us within sixty feet.Terns and Pels  Here are the pelicans next to the row of a dozen Caspian Terns, looking tiny next to the pelicans.  If my picture were better you might spot a couple of Ring-billed Gulls in amongst the terns.Tern and RBGull  Ring-billed Gull looks us over while the Caspian Tern looks the other way.

 CAS TERNS in a rowAnd a tern row.







LeastsHere are two Least Sandpipers, part of the scattered flock of dozens of peeps at Howard Prairie Lake’s north, shallow end.Creeper--tiny

Brown Creeper at Grizzly Campground.  Miniscule bird, big pine.




MTN CHICK acrobatMountain Chickadee performing the typical acrobatics of a chickadee after the smallest bugs on the underside of pine needle cluster. No slef-respecting creeper would ever hand upside down, but he has a long beak that reaches pray that elude the short-beaked chickadee even though they work the same trees.

lb dowitcher twoTwo Long-billed Dowitchers working the mud with their long, straight beaks.




Mtn Chick heads upHere’s that Mountain Chickadee again.  He just wouldn’t stop posing.





RBSAP with elder










rbsapsucker at elderThat white line across a red face is a good field mark for this species.


Next post: mammals and a surprising fellow on the shore.

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