Posted by: atowhee | May 29, 2009

A Saturday Afternoon of birding: May 23, 2009

Afternoon of the first day on Golden Gate Audubon’s trip to the Ashland area.  McLaughlinNoonLooking across Howard Prairie, and Howard Prairie Lake to snow-topped Mt. McLaughlin in the Cascades.  Howard Prairie is about 4500′ high, McLaughlin more than double that.  It’s the southernmost active volcano in Oregon.  We lunched at the Howard Prairie Resort cafe.  Even though it was Memorial Day weekend, it was relaxed and uncrowded.  A Hermit Warbler flew down onto the ground beneath a pine next to our outdoor tables.  ON THE GROUND.  I have never seen a Hermit Warbler on the ground before.  THey like the canopy.  We also saw Tanager, Robin, Junco, swallows and one birder had a sighting of Yellow Warbler next to the lakeshore.

Moving up and southward to Hyatt Lake, we stopped at the nature overlook m,arking by a simple binocular sign.  IMG_7540 Near the nest in a dead tree just offshore, an adult Osprey perched.

And dined.  At one point the Osprey rose from the limb and chased off a soaring Bald Eagle with a great deal of screaming accompaniment.




IMG_7544This photo is out of focus but you can make out the fish tail hanging below the limb as the Osprey bends over his raw fish luncheon. None of the several eagles we saw was ever close enough for my camera.



Just across the road from the viewing pull-out we found the local Williamson’s Sapsucker male, Dusky Flycatcher, Cassin’s Vireo.  We then headed back down into Bear Creek Valley and Ashland.IMG_7550  There I worked on this Calliope gallery.  A male hummer who poses precisely onthe same few branches time and time again, between his guard duties which require a great deal of attention and manby aerial sorties.  He even attacks the local Nashville Warblers.  None of those would hold still for photographing.
















Out tiniest American bird he makes a big impression.  Note how the bold gorget feathers splay out from his pale neck.IMG_7556




















We ended the birding at North Mountain Park, went over our checklists.  More than seventy species including some lifers for nearly everyone on this Golden Gate Audubon trip.

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