Posted by: atowhee | May 28, 2009

Keeping posted

 About our Four Days in May trip, Len Blumin writes: 

Harry said to “check the posts for Snipes“, which we dutifully did and were rewarded with a single individual who perhaps was the only one left who hadn’t found a mate. I had never seen a displaying Wilson’s Snipe before, so this was a treat. Later in the trip we were thrilled to hear the eerie sound of winnowing snipes. Detail here a bit soft because of the distance. These shy birds will flush if approached, so we kept our distance. Note how he has tilted his head a bit to look directly overhead to check for raptors. [This was at Howard’s Prairie in Cascades, ele. 4500 ft.]Snipe--LB-jpeg

[These birds nest in high, wet meadows.  They had already stopped courting at Willow Witt, but the next evening we would hear many of them still winnowing with their wings as the sun set over Klamath Marsh east of Crater Lake.]


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