Posted by: atowhee | May 27, 2009

Four days in May: great photos from Len Blumin

Avid bird photographer, Len Blumin, has been contributing great pics of birds to the gallery for some time.  Here’s a chance to enjoy some of his images from the recent four days of intense birding in the Ashland area.  The rest of the text is Len’s fine description of the bird images.    The branches obscure some of the field marks, but create a more “natural” look, and we can see the olive-green of the wings and tail. along with a hint of the rufous crown.












 We are still glowing from the fine birding trip and congenial company.  Here’s the Calliope Hummingbird that posed so nicely for us at Tolman Creek Road. Check out the little feet.  Photo a bit soft from motion and slow shutter, but the color came through.

















 [Editor’snote on Calliope–it is the smallest breeding bird in North America.  3.24″ long, lean and mean.]   Others in our group had better luck with the Common Merganser family at Burney Falls, but some of you were not there, so I thought I’d share my sub-optimal shot. Mom is just about to swim out of the picture!COME Family--lb--J

The iridescence of the White-faced Ibis depends greatly on the angle at which the light strikes the feathers. This shot shows well how greatly the color can vary. We even see a bit of the “white face”. Wonder why this color pattern, i.e., a border of white feathers where the bill joins the face, is seen in some many unrelated species, such as Scaups, White-fronted Geese, Ibis and others.WFIbis-color-lb--J
Much to our delight, the Spotted Sandpiper landed in a dead tree and stayed for a bit. Not real close, but close enough to see all the features of its full alternate (breeding) plumage. Patti pointed out to me that he even develops spots on the back and wings, along with the expected spotting on breast and belly. Note also that the bill develops a rich orange color. Cool bird, this one.Spotty--lb--J
Len, thanks for sharing.

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