Posted by: atowhee | April 20, 2009

Spring Gallery from friends–hummer picture included















Marsh Wren by Len Blumin.  This tenacious little bird does not lightly share its marsh when anybody, often driving Red-winged Blackbirds and other species out of the Marsh Wren’s preferred habitat, dense reeds next to open water.  They sing just as fast and with as much complexity as their landlubber cousin, the Winter Wren.  And here’s apicture by Don Brushera of a Marsh Wren on a nest.marshwrenonnest

Jerry Clifton’s fine picture of adult Western Gull feeding young chicks at Half Moon Bay, California.  Yes, they regurgitate for the chicks this young.  It must be gullicious.wegu-with-chicks 




Then here’s Jerry Clifton’s great sequence of a male Pied-billed Grebe putting on a show for the ladies of the species.pbgrebe-dance1pbgrebedance2pbgrebe3


pbgrebe4His technique is a proven one.  Each summer there are plenty of baby Pied-billed Grebes so her apparent non-chalance must conceal a smoldering volcano of fertility and egginess.


Don Bruschera’s intimate portrait of mother and chick.  Anna’s Hummingbird.  As we all know the father of the chick is nowhere to be found at nesting time.  He’s got territory to defend, a gorget to preen, a tail to snap in his vertical flight, a tiny but monstrous ego to feed.anhusnest

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