Posted by: atowhee | April 13, 2009

Agate gems, Part II












This is a view across man-made Agate Lake resevoir.  What you can’t see are the dozens of swallows, mostly Tree, swooping, diving and circling over the water.agatelakejewelvu








Looking north across Agate Lake toward the dam.  Besides the birds, we spotted this cold-numbed fellow crawling through the grass:img_6635






img_6634This is an adult Pacific treefrog, Hyula regilla.

fawnlily4-11-09Fawn lilies in bloom, so named for the splotches on the leaves that could remind you of the markings of a young fawn.




hogfennelflwr4-11-09I believe this to be “desert parsley” or common lomatium.  Lomatium utriculatum.  In the parsley family.

img_6631This one I can’t ID.





img_6633I believe these are forget-me-nots.

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