Posted by: atowhee | March 28, 2009

Screecher creature attracts Steller crowd

My wife and I could tell there was something  upsetting in the large tree next to the sidewalk.  There were three Steller’s Jays sounding the attack alarm like aircraft carriers and their little gunboat companions, two Black-capped Chickadees.  They were on the offensive.  Very offensive.  The object of their ire seemed to be about twenty feet above the ground.  Yes, right there:owl-text2



The tree is on the uphill side of the yard in front of 189 Granite Street, just about ten feet to the left of the “for sale” sign as you face the house.  The hole beneath the cut-off limb is best seen from the Lithia Park side of Granite Street.

Here’s a closer view of the Western Screech-Owl.  Could this be the same one that roosted near the Lithia Park children’s playground all winter?






















When we stopped for looks and then pictures, the jays slunk off into the nearby trees.  And the little owl (less than nine inches tall, including tufts) kept his eyes open  but the anger seemed to dissipate.  As for the jays, I suspect they enjoy such mobbing of a smaller and hated opponent.

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