Posted by: atowhee | February 8, 2009

The Wrentit’s newly discovered cousin

wrentitWrentit, America’s only babbler.  He can now expect an even larger family gathering if there could ever be a babbler reunion.


They found a new babbler species in China. It was found in southern China not far from the Vietnames border.  Name: Nonggang Babbler Stachyris nonggangensis.  Nobody should be surprised as babblers are elusive, skulkers that stick to forest underbrush.  Our Wrentits are virtual socialites compared to most babblers.  And even here in the Rogue Valley it’s more common to hear a Wrentit bounce his ball down the melodic scale than it is to actually spot one.

This new babbler runs more than flies, and has a plumage of dark brown, usual for the babbler family.

The Wrentit phot above is by Len Blumin a regular photo contributor on  Check out his great work.


  1. […] I recently blogged about the Wrentit’s newly discovered cousin in Asia.  The Wrentit is the only American member of the babbler family.  They are so generally sedentary you have to wonder how any ancestral babbler managed to go so far as the land bridge in Alaska/Siberia and then work its way down to Oregon and California.  Near the Wrentits today was a lone Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  This crimson mohawk stripe was showing.  And the brassy burnish on the wings below the wing bars looked bright and newly molted.  Like the Merlin he’ll be heading out soon, though he may only have t0 travel uphill.  They do not nest along Bear Creek at 1700 feet elevation. […]

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