Posted by: atowhee | January 31, 2009

Last feast of January

bushtits1-31A busy morning in our garden how that we’ve moved back into our home.  Bushtits at the suet, some in a blur of motion.





nofl-male1-31Handsome male Flicker commands respect atop the platform feeder.







 Groundswell of ground feeders: Scrub-Jay with peanut, Steller’s Jay with peanut, Junco goes after smaller menu items.












And here are the fur-coated, breathing, ravenous Unintended Consequences.



















A few bkirds have not yet rediscovered our fine avain cuisine.  Only one Lesser Goldfinch so far and no Siskins.  No nuthatch and not a single Downy Woodpecker.  There was a Red-breasted Sapsucker in the garden but they jays shouted him down before I could get a photo.

Juncos, both jays and the Mourning Doves were back in the gardenwithin minutes of re-filling the feeders after we moved back in.

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