Posted by: atowhee | January 26, 2009

Sunday morning at the feeder

We took our binoculars and our cameras over to the North Mountain Park feeders.  It was a relaxing way to finish off the Golden Gate Audubon bird trip to southwestern Oregon.  Here’s a little of what we saw:sharpie21


Sharp-shinned Hawk, also watching the feeders.  His arrival loudly trumpeted by one of the several Scrub-Jays around.  This one was holding one of the peanuts I’d brought to share:peanut-scrub







Golden-crowned Sparrow.  Front, and back.gcspback1



Youngster not molted into a full crown yet.  And below the drabber Fox Sparrow:  fosp1-09


Then in Lithia Park: Wood Ducks, his and hers.wodumale1-09















  1. Very nice sparrow pix!

  2. We’re friends of Julia Bartlett, neighbors too. Could we please put us on your email list. I knew woodducks were beautiful but your pictures showed how really beautiful they are. Do you have any closeups of a Kestrel–I know their colors are even better than I think.

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