Posted by: atowhee | July 2, 2008

“The Daily Show,” Ashland style

So here’s the Lesser Goldfinch as I promised in my last post:

While he was feeding on the new thistle feeder, his apparent mate was over at the platform, performing her simplest dive: Olympic seed-bobbing.








And there were the usual suspects, at their usual posts:







But then a less regular customer stopped by.  First there was a starter bite of dogwood, then the sweatpea blossom salad, followed by the main course which required a bit of a reach, as you might say.

Deer me.  Note the double squirrel baffle needed to doubly baffle the squirrels.  Their event: Olympic pole leaping.  From flat-footed stance, jumping straight up at least three feet, grabbing the slippery pole and then doing a half-gainer onto the feeder’s roof. Six points of difficulty.  Let me see you try that.


  1. Deer deer!
    (there’s a lot of wordplay to be made off of that!) 😀

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