Posted by: atowhee | February 7, 2008

Global warming hard on cold-loving nesters

Current scientific research shows the warming of the planet is NOT good news for the Gray Jay.  The Gray Jay is a winter nester, like many forest owls of North America.  In the jay’s case, it counts on the winter cold to preserve its cached food so there’ll be plenty to feed the nestlings.  Warmer winters could mean spoiled food and starvation.

We have Gray Jays on the higher mountains in the Siskiyous.   I’ve seen them high up on Mt. Ashland which is 7533-feet high.  The birds were around the 6,000 foot elevation.  At least this winter they’ve dozens of inches of snow on Mount Ashland and some very cold weather to sustain them.  And I’ve seen Gray Jays in the forests of coastal Humboldt County, California, where there is rarely much snow and hardly any serious frost so that population has adapted to fresh food year-round


  1. Global Warming can scarcely be denied. All the evidence points to the fact that it is happening, and will continue to happen if we don’t drastically reduce CO2 levels immediately. I found a petition which is telling Congress to take action, and, as we gain signatures, money is donated to stop global warming.
    Please, we need to speak out to save our planet.

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