Posted by: atowhee | January 25, 2008

Eleanor dines out

Here’s Eliabeth von Radic’s account of the evening dining by Eleanor the Barred Owl on her first night back at the visible roost in south Medford. 
“On her first night back, Eleanor gave us the most AWESOME owl show to date.
“She flew at 5:32 to a lower branchright on schedule, as she flies one minute later each day since the solstice. Then she flew in the same direction as the previous three times: down the Smiths’ driveway to a branch 16 feet up. At 5:42 she swooped lower, we heard a scuffle, then she instantly returned to the branch with a big rat in her talons. She’d snagged it from the rain gutter of the Smiths’ house, about 5 feet above where they were standing. She flew a little higher with the rat dangling from her mouth, obviously already dead; then she took 10 minutes to eat it. This was all very visible as she was silhouetted against the twilight sky. Apparently not done hunting for the night, she flew off at 6 p.m.”
Thanks for the update Elizabeth.  If Eleanor gets her own blog site I will let you all know.  Rat, mmmm-yummy.  I’ve seen Red-shouldered Hawks in San Francisco eating rat several times.

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