Posted by: atowhee | November 10, 2007

I must apologize

I bought a tank of gasoline this week.  This laptop and my cell phone contain oil-derived plastics.  As long as I continue to support the petro-economy I am almost as much to blame for the oil slick in San Francisco Bay as the ship and its crew that caused the collision which led to the spill.  The ship was not carrying oil except as fuel.  How far are we away from nuclear or solar-powered ships?  How about some clipper ships.  The wind still blows.

 The way the world economy works now ever more ships will be carrying ever-more loads.  We recently bought kitchen cabinets that were made from Canadian wood, shipped to China for “processing” and then back here for sale.

 I blogged on my tech blog about how little this spill is compared to “Exxon Valdez.”  And how the effects of that one reverberate across the years.  That spill was in Alaska’s Prince William Sound in 1989.  Oil still remains under the beaches and the surface of the bay there, still having toxic effects.

Yesterday I saw one dead Surf Scoter and three badly oiled ones on Ocean Beach, outside the Golden Gate.  Another birder saw numerous more oiled birds there this morning, including Sanderlings and gulls now picking up oil globs on their feathers.

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